This control is inherited from the KryptonDropButton and makes use of the KryptonPaletteContextMenu.

It looks like this by default:

and like this expanded:

Like the KryptonPaletteContextMenu, when the associated KryptonManager's GlobalPaletteMode chnages (either through UI or programmatically), it will:
  1. adjust the associated KryptonManager's GlobalPaletteMode and GlobalPalette
  2. check the correct palette in the drop down
  3. optionally adjust the RenderMode of an associated StatusStrip
Here are the relevant properties:

Here is a brief explanation of each property:
  • ButtonText — Controls the text shown in the drop down button (for example, some call them Themes).
  • KryptonContextMenu — By default a built-in KryptonPaletteContextMenu is used, however, a separate one can be assigned as well. Please note though, a "normal" KryptonContextMenu cannot be assigned.
  • KryptonManager — Hooks it up to the parent form's KryptonManager.

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